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"A Herald's Rescue" is a standalone story by Mickey Zucker Reichert. It was published in the anthology Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar.


Santar and his younger brother Hosfin were working in their father's stable tending horses when a riderless Companion showed up. Seeing the Companion's frantic state, Santar guessed that his Herald must be in trouble. The Companion confirmed that his Herald needed rescuing, then tossed Santar into the saddle and took off at top speed, not allowing Santar to put together a rescue party or gather supplies.

The Companion then took Santar on a grueling all-night trek through an icy river and the Tangled Forest (widely believed to be inhabited by demons), then into the foothills of the mountains. Once there, he directed Santar into a cave system. Not far into the cave entrance, the Herald, Orrin, contacted Santar with Mindspeech, guiding him through the various twists and turns. Following the directions, Santar eventually exited the cave system, only to find the Companion waiting for him. The Companion confessed to being Orrin, and using the entire journey as a test to see if Santar possessed the selfless courage required of a Herald. Orrin then formally Chose him.


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