King Alessandar was the longtime ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Hardorn. Just as Herald Talia's internship had ended and she was returning to the capital from her year and a half riding circuit, King Alessandar made a formal offer for Princess Elspeth's hand on behalf of his son Prince Ancar. There were great political advantages in such a marriage: not only would it unite the two realms, but Hardorn possessed a large and well-trained standing army to defend them both; Valdemar's Heralds would be able to expand their operations into the neighboring kingdom should the union take place; the combined power of the Heralds and Hardorn's military might would make a belligerent neighbor like Karse think twice about invading either country.

Despite these arguments Queen Selenay herself, Princess Elspeth, and most of the Heraldic Circle opposed the marriage, due in part to vague ForeSight-driven unease. Queen's Own Herald Talia and the highborn Herald Kris were sent as envoys to King Alessandar’s court to meet him and evaluate the heir, Prince Ancar. But as they traveled to Hardorn, Ancar assassinated his father, blaming it on the Heralds in a bid to seize Valdemar. When the border-guard heard what had happened, they deserted en-masse to join Queen Selenay’s forces against the patricide Prince.

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