Alma was one of four Herald Trainees mentored and interned under Herald Elyn. Described as "boyish" and "bookish," Alma had been an Artificer-in-Training before being Chosen by her Companion. Despite having no gifts, her approach is always a practical one: "strong-willed, rock-steady, and blindingly intelligent, she was always searching for the most ordinary explanation to the extraordinary."

Gifts Edit

Alma has no discernible Heraldic Gifts.


Alma interned under Herald Elyn and three other trainees (Arville, Rod, and Laurel) through unnamed farming country consisting of relatively flat lands and noted as an ideal and very uneventful circuit.

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Alma appears in the following work:

Character Model (WARNING!! SPOILERS!!)Edit

Alma corresponds to Velma from the Scooby-Doo gang