Monarch's Own Herald during reign of king Kiril (about 860 AF)

Amily is the daughter of the King's Own Herald Nikolas. After losing her mother in an accident that also left her crippled, Amily grew up under her father's care in the Palace. Since her leg was not set by a healer in time, Amily was unable to move around easily in her youth, and always saw herself as a burden.

During the events of the Collegium Chronicles, Amily makes friends with Healer Trainee Bear, Bard Trainee Lena, Herald Trainee Mags. Mags appreciates Amily for who she is, not just because she's the daughter of Monarch's Own Nikolas, leading Amily to grow as a person and seek to fix her leg to gain her own personhood. With approval from Healer's Collegium and her father, Amily's leg is broken once more and set by Healer trainee Bear and assistants, and is allowed to heal almost fully -- allowing her to walk on her own without assistance and granting her the independence she's long craved.

In the events of Bastion, Amily leaves on circuit with Trainee Mags, Healer Bear and Bard Lena, as well as Bard Lita and Herald Jakyr. During this time, Mags is trying to escape the Sleepgivers, and Amily and Mags finally recognize their feelings for one another.

After returning from circuit, an unfortunate event leads Rolan to choose Amily as the next Monarch's Own Herald. Her predecessor is chosen by the Companion Evory.

Companion Edit

Amily was Chosen by Rolan.

Gifts Edit

Amily's Gift is a form of Animal Mindspeech that allows her to observe through the senses of animals.

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