An'desha shena Jor'ethan is a Shin'a'in of the Bear clan. His father was considered to have a great deal of wander-lust and coupled with a non-Shin'a'in. An'desha was treated as an outsider due to this half-blood status.

He developed a mage-gift, which he tried to keep secret for as long as possible due to the Shin'a'in prohibitions against magic. Believing that his shaman would force him to become a shaman as well, despite his wishes, he ran away seeking training with the Tayledras. On his way to the Pelagirs, he tried a simple spell to create a campfire, and the spirit of Ma'ar rushed in and took over his body. Unlike the others that Ma'ar had taken over, An'desha did not fight him and instead hid within his own mind. Ma'ar became Mornelithe Falconsbane, and changed An'desha's body to have the form of a half-cat, half-man.

During a battle with the Tayledras of k'Sheyna vale, Falconsbane was pulled in to the Void. He suffered there until Ancar's attempts at creating a Gate pulled him from the Void by mistake. With the help of the Avatars of the Star-Eyed, the Shin'a'in Goddess, An'desha helped others defeat Ancar and in return, the Shin'a'in Goddess returned his body to him. 

An'desha returned with the group to Valdemar where Firesong taught him to control his mage-gift, despite his initial reluctance and his fear that he would become Falconsbane again. During this time, he began to have feelings of doom as he sensed the approaching Mage Storms. He became friends with Karal and together they worked to determine the cause of the mage storms. And'esha was instrumental in saving everyone from the final storm. 

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