Prince Ancar was the son of King Alessandar of Hardorn.

Hulda, the former nurse of Elspeth, was his lover and mentor in magery. She taught him blood- and death-magic, shaping him into a monster. He assassinated his father and usurped the throne in an attempt to gain more power. The night of the assassination he killed Herald Kris and captured and tortured Queen's Own Talia. He attempted to blame them for the murder of his father, and lead a series of attacks against Valdemar in an attempt to expand his territory. However, the trader, Evan, and other members of his clan spread the true story on their way out of the kingdom, causing most of the Hardornen Guard on the Valdemar border to defect to Valdemar, insuring Ancar's defeat.

Unfortunately for Ancar, the Eastern Empire was waiting for his failure as the signal to invade Hardorn. His Blood magic and the Mage Storms drained Hardorn of its resources and vitality. Ancar was eventually trampled to death by the Companion Gwena when Elspeth, Darkwind, Skif, Nyara, and Firesong traveled to Crown City to stop Mornelithe Falconsbane from regaining his strength and powers.

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