MistyShadowsXX MistyShadowsXX 6 days ago

3,066 words of complete nonsense, shenanigans, and depression.

So I got the fanfiction up sooner then expected, (mostly because if I didn’t post it soon, the draft would end up deleted) plus when I set a deadline like that, it’ll either be late or early. I have some interesting ideas for the story that I hope all my would-be readers will love. I’m probably going to post a one-shot here in a little bit. (Hopefully at least one finished work will make me feel less guilty every time I press the new work button.) Bye.

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MistyShadowsXX MistyShadowsXX 12 days ago

Creating new fanfiction, it will be out in at least two weeks. SPOILER ALERT!

So in at least two weeks, I will have a fanfiction out called “Death’s Beloved Child and Lady of Avalon.” In this story, there is Necromancer/Exorcist named Sythe, she, ever since she was born, was raised and trained in the ways of Avalon, how to use her Necromancer powers, and trained in the mind arts to the point of having her own “mindscape” and perfect memory.

There were other things planned since the creation of her soul, like when she was around thirteen, she would end up in Valdemar, the newly created universe that Fate herself deemed worthy of more than just existing as universe in the mist, to actually exist as an alternate universe people could end up in. Hence why Death and Fate heavily encouraged her reading the book series.


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Pokemama Pokemama 21 April

Beyond cover - wearing Windrider Unchained badge?

The cover of Beyond has Baron Valdemar wearing the Valdemar coat of arms showing a winged horse breaking out of chains. But the song/legend "Windrider Unchained" is supposed to be about "Valdemar's Heir" ... which hasn't happened yet? I assumed Darshay was a Herald. idk, maybe Windrider and Darshay were in his family's history before the founding?

As an aside, Larry Dixon posted the coat of arms on his Twitter in 2017: winged horse breaks chains

Edit: our Windrider page says that Windrider is "An avatar of the Star-Eyed." I wonder where that info came from? Was the Star-Eyed a deity in the Empire? She was the goddess of the Shin'a'in in the Dhorisha Plains even before the Mage Wars, so she'd been around western Velgarth for a while, lol.

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Pokemama1 Pokemama1 22 March

First read of the Collegium Chronicles and Herald Spy

Just finished reading the Collegium Chronicles for the first time, and now halfway through the Herald Spy series. I'm really enjoying them! I distinctly remember reading about Mags and his Choosing at the mine, but I had the vague memory that his initial appearance was in a short story, kind of like Alberich in Stolen Silver. I wonder if I read a pre-release chapter/teaser? I remember that I really liked Mags, so I don't know why I didn't read the series, but for some reason I deliberately avoided it all these years! The "Collegium" title sounded kinda dull, but I've read the previous books unaware of the series names. The titles always made the groupings clear. A silly reason for avoiding this one.

As an aside, it's funny that Kirball is t…

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MistyShadowsXX MistyShadowsXX 4 March

Just finished reading Foundation!

So not to long ago I just finished reading Foundation. When I finally get a copy of Intrigues, I’m going to read it next. I already love the Collegium Chronicles, and I’ve just read the first book. Although I’ve spoiled part of it for myself due to reading the wiki, the story has not been ruined for me.

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MistyShadowsXX MistyShadowsXX 23 February

Will it happen

So now with the new book Beyond coming out this year about the founding of Valdemar, I’ve been wondering about the Sunsinger and Shadowdancer/Windrider stuff. Since in the album Sun and Shadow, there are the songs I Found a Land, Valdemar, and even Windrider Unchained. We know that Sunsinger and Shadowdancer saved Darshay and Windrider, but why are I Found a Land and Valdemar in the album? Well I think when Lackey finally published the Sun and Shadow album, she had a plan in mind. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed what I have though, but I think not in Beyond but maybe another book in the Founding of Valdemar Sunsinger and Shadowdancer along with Windrider and Darshay will appear. We know next to nothing about the soon-to-be released …

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Pokemama1 Pokemama1 17 February

Learn something new

I stumbled on Hulda's page today. I haven't read the books in a long time, and thought she was just an agent of Hardorn. Turns out she was an agent of the Empire, with the job of corrupting Ancar before she ever worked on Elspeth!

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Pokemama1 Pokemama1 7 February

Upcoming book is the founding of Valdemar omg!

Just found out that Beyond (The Founding of Valdemar Book 1) by Mercedes Lackey will be released on 15 June 2021!! I don't remember much of the novels anymore, so I don't know if it's discussed much. But Rosemary Edghill wrote a good piece For Want of a Nail about the founding. I can't wait!

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LarryDixonTGK LarryDixonTGK 22 February 2020

Admiration and Appreciation

Hello everybody, Larry Dixon visiting.  Misty and I would like you all to know how impressed we are by what you've done here. It's inspiring (and a little bit overwhelming) to see our last 30-ish years laid out like this!

It is said that "the internet never forgets," and for that we are grateful. What a wonder!  We're dedicated to doing our best, giving everybody a good time, and giving those so inclined a world called Velgarth to come home to. Thank you all for your kindness.

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WrenDancing WrenDancing 23 September 2019

Recommended reading order for Valdemar

While looking over the wiki analytics, I discovered that one of the top search terms on this wiki in the last 30 days is "Recommended reading order for Valdemar".

This has been a topic of discussion on the message walls here from time to time, and everyone has their own take on it.  (But since this is my blog post, I get to tell you mine.  :)  Personally, I recommend reading them in publication order.  Lackey began with a relatively simple story in a relatively simple fantasy setting, then gradually added detail and complexity in each subsequent book.  With each publication, the Velgarth universe gains depth and richness.  In my opinion, if you begin with books earlier in the chronology but later in publication, then move on to books later i…

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WrenDancing WrenDancing 1 April 2019

1500 articles

With the creation of 'A Wake of Vultures,' the Valdemar Wiki now boasts 1500 articles!

This new article is for a short story in one of the anthologies. Like most of the short story articles, it is a stub needing work. Please don't hesitate to pick up a short story article (or any other) and get started!

Check out both the article stubs and the wanted list.

WrenDancing (talk) 20:56, April 1, 2019 (UTC)

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Stafngrimr793 Stafngrimr793 15 February 2019

Random Valdemar Notes for my Stories

The stories I am writing (and have posted/will post at Archive of Our Own) start in the year 1450 AF.

Kris, Elspeth's younger brother is King. His Companion is Arthos, one of Rolan's sons.

Lyra, his slightly younger twin sister, is King's Own, Chosen by Rolan.

Talia is still alive, after being brought back from a heart attack and Chosen again by Lyra's former Companion Annala (an older daughter of Rolan). Her "dying" severed the Bond with Rolan, enabling him to Chose Lyra.

Elspeth, is likewise alive and is a semi-retired Adept class mage. She works with the Heraldic Mage School by mentoring Master class mages who are close to Adept. Gwena is enjoying the rather restful existence they have had the past 20 or so years.

Kris' eldest son Matthias i…

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Stafngrimr793 Stafngrimr793 3 January 2019

Grass Cats - Forest Cats - Change Cats

Here's some of the background notes I wrote for the fan fiction I am writing.

Possibility of Changecats was inspired by Proouw and his pack in “Errold’s Journey” and the mention of the Ratha in “Storm Breaking.”

Based the grass cats on…

Ocelot: Height at shoulder: 16 - 20 inches --- Head and body: 22 – 39 inches --- Tail: 10 – 16 inches --- Weight: 15 – 35 pounds

Serval: Height at shoulder: 21 – 24 inches --- Head and body: 26 – 39 inches --- Tail: 12 – 14 inches --- Weight: 20 – 40 pounds

Grasscats of the Northern Dhorisha Plains: known as Pretena (pray-teah-nah), a small subspecies related to the Pretera, known better by the Shin’a’in. Their range is in the northwest to mid-north area of the Plains, within 5 or so leagues of the Rim.


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Stafngrimr793 Stafngrimr793 2 December 2018

Gripping Mire and Shining Stones?

Hey all;

I'm trying to get an idea, however vague, of where Gripping Mire Swamp and Shining Stones Vale may be located.

I'm thinking they are not equivalent to the Hertasi Swamp and KSheyna Vale near the northern rim of the Dhorisha Plains. The Hertasi Swamp looks only a few candlemarks in width, not three days as the tales of Sherra, the guide.

I'm writing a bit of fan fiction, which starts out a few leagues east of K'Sheyna Vale. I am positing a small human village where a Companion comes to Choose a young lad who is in his mid-teens, but looks younger. There are other characters, including Change-cats with human intelligence and communication abilities.

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WrenDancing WrenDancing 1 December 2018

Gripping Mire Swamp location?

Stafngrimr793 writes:

Has the location of Singing Stones Vale and the Gripping Mire Swamp been determined?

Am wondering as I'm writing a story for my own amusement that starts out day's rides east of the K’Sheyna/Ken Lesheyna Vale -Hertasi Swamp area along the northern rim of the Dhorisha Plains.

Wondered where the other two are in relation to the Plains and Lake Evendim as they are not on any map I have found. I'm thinking they are not the same, as on the official Velgarth map, the Hertasi Swamp does not look near enough big to be one day's trudge across, let alone 3.

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Momcat859 Momcat859 3 November 2017

Question about Mags

I have a question for the blogger community.  Has Ms. Lackey ever stated where Mags's parents were from?  I'm rereading the Collegium Chonicles (to be followed with the Herald Spy stories, which I haven't read yet) and I really want to know.  It's driving me nuts.  I love maps and reading about the places our beloved characters come from or visit.  If anyone know if Ms. Lackey has ever expanded on that, I'd love that information!  Thanks!

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WrenDancing WrenDancing 12 February 2017

1,000 articles!

With the creation of 'Errold,' the Valdemar Wiki is now up to 1,000 articles!

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WrenDancing WrenDancing 27 March 2016

Favorite quote

I've been re-reading The Last Herald-Mage, and I now have a new favorite quote:

"It's hard being a rock; they have such a strange sense of time--and priorities." --Vanyel, Magic's Promise

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WrenDancing WrenDancing 3 March 2016

New Admin

Hello all!

I started hanging out on this wiki and quickly became obessessed -- writing, reorganizing and relinking everything in sight. After realizing that the administrator had abandoned the site several years ago, I applied to adopt it. I received my answer this morning, and have now taken over as the new administrator for this wiki.

I've already fairly thoroughly recategorized everything, and I'm now slowly but steadily (book by book) adding new content. Please let me know if there is something in particular you'd like to see, or some issue that needs fixed.


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