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This page attempts to associate books with the Reigns of Valdemar royalty. It also attempts to include short stories from the anthologies, but that effort is incomplete/ongoing, especially as some short stories do not identify their own time period. However, this page is a helpful way to view the connections as accurately as possible. The abbreviations BF and AF indicate before or after the founding of Valdemar. The reign date headings are from the Official Timeline for the Heralds of Valdemar Series chart printed in the front of the early books.

Note: some stories have been well-intended but erroneously assigned to a time period without containing any timeline indicators at all. If scrutiny finds none, they should be moved to the Undetermined list. In the meantime, some are temporarily footnoted as needing information.[1] Definite timeline clues in a story can be added to a heading in the individual story article.

A forum post on (Science Fiction and Fantasy Community) has a Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar Saga Reading-Order Flowchart by Mike J. Nagle, showing the books and some stories in chronological order.

1000 BF: Prehistory: Era of the Black Gryphon[]

Main article: Pre-history

1000 BF

The Black Gryphon

Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Errold's Journey"

Choices: "Woman's Need Calls Me"

990 BF

The White Gryphon

975 BF

The Silver Gryphon

2 BF: Founding of Valdemar era[]


0 AF - The Founding Into the West

10 AF: Reign of Kordas Valdemar

Valdemar novel

Changing the World: "For Want of a Nail" (non-canon)

Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Trance Tower Garrison"

Reign of Restil

Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar: "The Blue Coat"

Reign of Hallock

Anything with Nothing: "Anything, With Nothing"

Unknown Ruler(s)

Reign of Vera (unspecified time period before Vanyel)

Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Rebirth"

  • Heir: Mathias

Unknown Ruler(s)

Reign of Terilee

Reign of Tavist

Reign of Leshia

Unknown Ruler(s)

Reign of Tyrdel

750 AF: Reign of Elspeth the Peacemaker[]

Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Sword of Ice"

Magic's Pawn

No True Way: "Vixen"

Seasons: "A Midnight Clear"

Crucible: "Vexed Vixen"

Changing the World: "Softly Falling Snow"

798 AF Reign of Randale[]

Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Chance"

Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar: "A Song for No One’s Mourning"

Magic's Promise

No True Way: "Written in the Wind"

Magic's Price

812 AF (est.) Reign of Treven & Jisa[]

Redhaired Twins Miniseries:1,3-6

Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar: "The Feast of the Children"

Pathways: "Reborn"

Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar: "In the Forest of Sorrows"

Redhaired Twins Miniseries: 2

Reign of Chalinel[]

Masters of Fantasy (edited by Bill Fawcett): "Out of the Deep"

855 AF (est.) Reign of Kiril[]

Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Moving Targets"

Pathways: "To Catch a Thief"






Closer to Home

Closer to the Heart

Closer to the Chest

Reign of Sedric[]

The Hills Have Spies

Eye Spy

Spy, Spy Again

Unknown Rulers

1077 AF: Reign of Theran[]

Main article: Reign of Theran

Brightly Burning

Unknown Rulers

Pathways: "Trust Your Instincts"

1270 AF: Reign of Co-Consorts Arden & Leesa[]

Main article: Reign of Co-consorts Arden and Leesa

The Oathbound:

Oathbreakers novel

1315 AF: Reign of Roald[]

Main article: Reign of Roald

1355 AF: Reign of Sendar[]

Main article: Reign of Sendar

1376 AF: Reign of Selenay[]

Pathways: "Patterns"

Seasons: "Going Home"

Passages: "Temper"

Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian: "On the Other Side"

Exile's Valor

1378 AF Lady Cera Miniseries:

Wil and Lelia Miniseries 1-2:

Seasons: "A Midwinter's Gift"

Take a Thief

1383 AF Wil and Lelia Miniseries 3 -4:

Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar: "...Another Successful Experiment"

1386 AF: Reign of Selenay, continued (Talia's arrival)[]

Wil and Lelia Miniseries 4:

Arrows of the Queen

Arrow's Flight

1393 AF: Reign of Selenay, continued (Talia's journey to Hardorn)[]

Arrow's Fall

By the Sword

Under the Vale and Other Tales of Valdemar: "In an Instant"

Choices: "Of Crows and Karsites"

Colonel Tregaran Miniseries:

1402 AF: Reign of Selenay, continued (Elspeth's journey to search for mages; return of magic to Haven node)[]

Tempest: "Dawn of a New Age" (Solaris is chosen by Vkandis)

Winds of Fate

Winds of Change

Tempest: "Harmless as Serpents"[3]

Passages: "Tables Turned"

1403 AF: Reign of Selenay, continued (Peace with Karse, Mage Storms)[]

Pathways: "A Herald's Duty (just after peace with Karse)

Winds of Fury

Passages: "The Choice Makes the Chosen"

Shenanigans: "A Brother's Promise"

Under the Vale and Other Tales of Valdemar: "A Healer's Work"

Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Horse of Air"

Changing the World: "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar: "The School Up the Hill"

Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar: “Sun in Glory

Storm Warning

Storm Rising

Storm Breaking

1407 AF: Reign of Selenay, continued (post-Mage Storms)[]

Gryphon Hadara Miniseries:

Hobgoblin Ree Miniseries:

MageWeaver Stardance Miniseries 1:

Owlflight (1 year after Mage Storms)

Owlknight (4 years after Mage Storms)

MageWeaver Stardance Miniseries 2:


Undefined, post-Mage Storms[]

Herald Arvil Miniseries:

Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Dawn of Sorrows"[1]

Gryphon Kelvren Miniseries:

Kyree Nwah Miniseries:

Mage Keth're'son Miniseries:

Passages: "Trial by Reflection" (years after the Mage Storms which caused a birth defect)

Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Widdershins"

Changing the World: "Twice Blessed"

The Valdemar Companion: "A Herald's Journey"

Herald Jors Miniseries (after Kerowyn's Ride, with Collegium Deans not appearing in other books. Is there use of magic?):

Undefined: Reign of Selenay[]

Stories that occur some time during Selenay's reign but without other timeline context

Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Blue Heart"

Wil and Lelia Miniseries stories 5-11 (which happen after Talamir's death in 1386)

Tempest: "Medley" (some time after the Wil and Lelia story "The Highjorune Masque")

Passages: "The Dream Seeker" (mentions Talia)
Boundaries: "The Measure of Imagination"

Passages: "The Border Within" (before a war with Hardorn)

Boundaries: "The Ghost of the High Hills" (injured in a war with Hardorn)

Chronological period undetermined[]

Many anthology stories simply do not identify their own time period.[4] A few stories occur when there was magic in Valdemar,[5] but many more occur in the era with no magic.[6] Some stories had previously been ascribed by well-intended fans to a certain date, but confirming clues have not yet been found.[1] However, most stories have not yet been scrutinized to identify their time period. Clues found by readers for any story are most welcome! Please add, move, or just let us know!!

Sword of Ice[]

Sun in Glory[]


Moving Targets[]

Changing the World[]

Finding the Way[]

Under the Vale[]

No True Way[]








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