The son of Innkeeper Stens from the town of Silvergate, Danet Stens was once engaged to be married to the famous tapestry-weaver Marya Bannod.

An inescapably charming and handsome young man, Danet often slept with many of the local women in order to steal small precious items to sell later. He was noted for his charm, always ready with a story and skilled at games of chance. When the thefts became noticeable, Danet took off to impersonate a Herald, purchasing an incredibly well-trained white horse to convince others.

He went from village to village, slowly making his way toward the Rethwellan border for nearly two years, continuing his con of sleeping around in order to hock precious items while essentially having free room and board all along the way under the guise of a Herald. Many noted his quality to charm his way in and out of any situation, including convincing whole town and villages that he was a Herald, had almost gift-like potency.

He was eventually captured by Heralds Callan and Sendar along with his ex-fiance Marya and taken into custody to answer for "one hundred and seventeen counts of theft, thirty-five counts of fraud" and "three counts of breach of promise."

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