Exile's Valor is a book in the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey. It deals with Alberich, the Weaponsmaster, and the first few years of Selenay's reign as Queen. Alberich falls in love with another female Herald, Herald Chronicler Myste, and saves Selenay from her new husband, who dares to attack not just any Companion, but his wife's own Companion.

Exile's Valor continues the tale begun in Exile's Honor, and sheds some light on the courtship, marriage and death of Queen Selenay's husband, and father of her daughter Elspeth. Together Exile's Honor, Exile's Valor, and Take a Thief are set before the events in The Heralds of Valdemar Trilogy.

The sequel to Exile's Honor continues the adventures of Herald Alberich, former Karsite captain turned Herald of Valdemar. After the Tedrel Wars, few, if any, doubt Alberich's loyalty to his adopted country, which is just as well, for the death of King Sendar during that war put his daughter Selenay, who had barely finished herald's training, on the throne of Valdemar. She had expected years of apprenticeship in ruling at her father's side, but she is now queen of a country that, while victorious, is weakened by the bloody war. Furthermore, her Council and some of her Heralds see her as too inexperienced and badly in need of a consort. Alberich is now the Collegium Weaponsmaster, a job that includes keeping track of Valdemar's enemies, internal and external. What with court intrigues, foreign envoys, and Selenay's grief, Alberich's duties are no less time-consuming than were his wartime responsibilities.


French cover of Exile's Valor

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