Fallan was a chambermaid at the inn in the town controlled by Lord Havirn. After a "hero" finally killed the beast ravaging the countryside, he was hosted and toasted at the end. Lord Havirn left orders that the man receive anything he desired. The man desired a woman in his bed, but the woman normally employed for such services was indisposed. The innkeeper sent an unaware Fallan up to him instead. She was raped and beaten, then dismissed from her job by the innkeeper because the so-called hero was disgusted with her.

Not knowing where else to turn, she went to Tarma and Kethry, also guests at the inn, for help. They used Need to heal her, then took her along with them until they could find her a new position. Poor Fallan really tried, but she was town-bred, and not at all suited to the life of a wanderer. Eventually, the pair took her back to her town, and introduced her to a local farmer, Landric. A recent widower with six very small children, Landric desperately needed some domestic help. He hired her right away, and Fallan was truly in her element at last. Fallan and Landric were both delighted with the new arrangement, and Tarma and Kethry speculated that they would probably be married before the year was out.

Fallan is described as being somewhat pretty, honest, obedient, and not very bright.[1]

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