The red dot is Haven.

Haven is the capital city of Valdemar. It is tightly packed and most of the buildings have been built upwards instead of outwards. The buildings sit so close together, that messenger boys run along the rooftops, rather than get stuck in the traffic below.

The roads are made in a circular manner so there is no direct way to the Royal Palace in the heart of the city. The walls that marked the limits of the city during its founding are still there, as are two other sets of walls, each built at different times as the city continued to expand. In 'present-day' Valdemar, the city has grown beyond the walls again, but the kingdom is now large enough and the borders far enough away that new walls are considered unnecessary.

The Royal Palace and the Collegia sit within the heart of the city, with a set of guarded walls surrounding the entire complex. Encircling them are the houses of the rich and the noble families. Each successive layer outward, moves down the socio-economic ladder.

The city is protected by the Guard.

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