Herald Jisa was a level-headed and determined woman, a MindHealer with a strong empathic gift.  She married Heir Presumptive Treven and became both the King's Own Herald and the Queen Consort.

Family and ConceptionEdit

Herald Jisa was the daughter of Vanyel and King's Own Herald Shavri. King Randale was publically believed to be her father, but he was unfortunately sterile. The truth of this was hidden by those involved so that Randale would remain available for an alliance marriage. Shavri, who was Lifebonded to Randale, desperately wished for a child, and so Vanyel became a donor. Because of this, and her subsequent marriage to Treven, the rest of the royal line, right down to Elspeth and further, are all descendants of Vanyel.


It was clear to many that Jisa would follow in her mother's footsteps in being chosen the King's Own. Unfortunately, Jisa's Choosing was put off until her mother's death, as her mother's Grove-Born Companion, Taver, was to also become her own and thus had to wait to choose her.

Companion Edit

She was eventually Chosen by Taver, following the death of her parents.

Gifts Edit

Jisa was a MindHealer with a strong Gift of Empathy and the Mindspeech Gift. She also carried mage-gift in full potential, and would pass it on to her descendants.

In the series Edit

Jisa appears in the following works: