After losing her mother a few months after her birth, and her father a few years later, King's Own Herald Juni was raised by her maternal grandfather, Sevastan, in the village of Solmark.

Early LifeEdit

She was a young girl when word reached Haven that she had miraculous healing powers. Herald Vess was sent to investigate. He eventually discovered that the spirit of an evil mage had possessed Sevastan and was working through his granddaughter, causing her apparent Gift. Using his Mindspeech as a weapon, Vess distracted the mage long enough for an equally long-dead Tayledras mage to cast him into a nearby node, completely destroying him. Sevastan was finally freed, though his elderly body gave out from the strain.

Companion Edit

Juni was grieving over the body of her grandfather, and sole remaining family member, when the Grove-Born stallion Jastev showed up. He Chose her as the new King's Own to succeed Nadja, who had passed away after a long illness (372 AF).

Gifts Edit

Juni's Gifts match Herald Vess. She has Mage-Gift, Empathy and Mindspeech.

Internship Edit

Specific details of her internship are unknown, though she was certainly trained at some point by Herald Vess, who had temporarily functioned as King's Own during the last days of Nadja's illness.

In the series Edit

Juni appears in the following work: