Tarma from the Japanese edition of Oathbound

Called "Sword Sworn" by non-Shin'a'in, they are servants of the Shin'a'in Goddess in her aspect as the Warrior.  The term kal'enedral actually means both "Children of Her Sword" and "Her Sword-Brothers."

They are celibate and answer to the needs of all the Shin'a'in rather than any particular clan.  They are the only ones allowed to claim blood-feud, this prevents inter-clan warfare, as the Swordsworn always put the welfare of the Shin'a'in as a whole before any particular clan. They are trained by leshy'a Kal'enedral, spirit warriors of Kal'enel, Swordsworn who died generations before. After their own deaths they may continue to serve the Goddess by becoming spirit warriors, leshy'a Kal'enedral, as well.

Kal'enedral are actually priests and priestesses of the Star-Eyed, though they are not often called on to perform priestly functions. Clansfolk more commonly utilize shamans, who are actually the mages of the Shin'a'in, and are not as rare as Swordsworn.

Unlike typical Clansfolk who wear bright colors, Kal'enedral usually wear brown, unless on blood feud. At that time they wear only unrelieved black. There is one special branch of the Swordsworn who wear only midnight blue. These dozen or so Kal'enedral or sworn to the Star-Eyed not only in her aspect of Warrior, but also in her aspect of Crone. These sworn ones protect the knowledge of the Clans woven into magical tapestries hidden in the heart of Kata'shin'a'in.


The Black Riders in Winds of Change

The Star-Eyed occasionally dispatches her Kal'enedral to complete certain tasks or to directly intervene in a situation. This happened in the Mage Winds series when the Star-Eyed took a personal interest in events. The Swordsworn were first sent to chase Mornelithe Falconsbane away from k'Sheyna. They were then sent to confuse him at his fortress, appearing as the Black Riders.

Notable Kal'enedral Edit