Keisha grew up in Errold's Grove after Darian left in the events of Owlflight. She is the local healer, but finds herself frustrated by her lack of real training. When her sister Shandi is Chosen and sent to the Collegium, Keisha makes the brave decision to move out of her family home and into Darian's old hut.

She and Darian eventually become a couple and move together to the new k'Valdemar Vale.

When the Northern tribes arrive near Errold's Grove and are struck by an unknown disease, Keisha helps to heal them and establish a place of healing for future groups that may come through the area.  She later joins Darian in his quest to find his parents.

Family Edit

Mate: Darian Firkin

Parents: Ayver Alder, Sidonie Alder

Siblings: Rondey Alder, Rafe Alder, Shandi Alder, Tell Alder, Trey Alder, Gary Alder

In the series Edit

Keisha appears in the following works: