Kestra'chern; a Kaled'a'in profession, which is a mix of physical, psychological and spiritual healing. The Kestra'chern is usually gifted with empathic abilities, and they are counselors in regards to personal, social and marital problems and will use almost any means to accomplish their goal, including their own bodies if need be. Kestra'chern give their charges what they need... Which isn't necessarily what they always want. Their skills include but are not limited to: training in many types of massage, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, therapeutic baths, sexual therapy, counseling and social therapy. A kestra'chern is highly respected and sought after as a confidant and advisor, and should never be confused with a perchi (Kaled'a'in term for a prostitute).

The word Kestra'chern is a Kaled'a'in word with "connotations of divine insight and soul healing, and of friendship" and among the Kaled'a'in, and later the Tayledras, they are "the next thing to a Goddess-touched priest." (The Black Gryphon, Chapter Two)

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