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Kyree are popularly considered to be one of the five non-human sentient races created by Urtho, but in Urtho's time it was believed that a more ancient mage was responsible for their creation. The Sorcerer-Adept who created them began with a "now-extinct species of grasslands lupine." (Finding the Way and Other Tales of Valdemar: "Finding the Way")

They resemble wolves, but are much larger, with shoulders standing as high as a man's waist. They have broad and wolf-like heads with rounded foreheads, forward-facing eyes and enormous jaws. In description the kyree have "rather blunt, wolf-like heads and bodies like a cheetah, with tails and coats like wolves," and they live for "about as long as humans." Kyree have intelligence equal to that of humans and are Mindspeakers. Some kyree are also born with additional Gifts and may become mages, healers or shaman.

They are frequently found in the Pelagirs region, though they may live elsewhere. The Hot Springs Clan, for instance, lives close to the Ice Wall Mountains.

There are three sexes of kyree: males, females and neuters. As with wolves, pack life centers around the breeding males and females, and thus the neuters often are at loose ends and tend to become wanderers. Neuters frequently become historians and storytellers, carrying the chronicles of notable kyree as well as those of other races (human and non-human alike)

Notable KyreeEdit