From the Firebird Arts website: "At last the continuation of the musical story started with "Heralds, Harpers & Havoc", is ready! Lovers, Lore & Loss tells the rest of the story from the "Heralds of Valdemar" trilogy. Rejoin Talia, Dirk, Selenay, and Elspeth as they love, and grieve in a time of war.

"Lyrics by Mercedes Lackey and D. F. Sanders finish telling the story started with Heralds, Harpers, & Havoc. Recorded at Desitrek Studio on a combination of 24 track and digital technology, the sound quality matches the talented folk who appear on the album. Margie Butler from Golden Bough adds her lovely voice to the album as Herald Talia, Shandeen lead vocalist from the band Falls Road, portrays Queen Selenay, Cecilia Eng as Princess Elspeth, Bill Roper as Healer Davon, and Steve Einhorn as Dirk. Paul Espinoza, Florie Brown, and Richard Ferry from Golden Bough contribute their considerable musical skill to round out the album."

Song list[edit | edit source]

  1. My Lady
  2. Coming Home
  3. Chosen One
  4. Dark Ending
  5. Trapped Between
  6. One Answer
  7. The Cost of the Crown
  8. Battle Dawn
  9. Trio
  10. Confusion
  11. Heart's Own
  12. Promise
  13. Recall
  14. Maiden's Hope

Publication information[edit | edit source]

Firebird Arts and Music, Inc., 1995, cassette

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