The Kiyamvir Ma'ar, the Mage of Dark Flames, was a great mage of ancient times who fought against Urtho, the Mage of Silence, in the Mage Wars.

Ma'ar was a creator who designed many beasts from scratch, albeit focusing more on strength than grace in those creatures.

At the end of the Mage Wars he was described thusly:

"He had not been born a handsome man, but over the years he had sculpted his body into the image of a young god. His square-jawed face, with precisely chiseled cheekbones and sensuous mouth, framed with a mane of hair of dark copper, topped a body that would be the envy of any warrior in his ranks. All that remained of the old Ma'ar were the eyes; small, shrewd, and of an odd yellow-green." (The Black Gryphon, Chapter 17)
He continued the practice of body sculpting in his subsequent incarnations, becoming more outlandish with each new body.

Reincarnation Edit

When he died, Ma'ar found a way to build a spiritual Sanctuary to hide his spirit in the nether planes when his body was destroyed. This allowed him to later possess one of his descendants, providing they had a desirable amount of power; at bare minimum, the Mage Gift. The possession of a lineal descendant was keyed to them casting a Fire spell, which would trigger the possession by Ma'ar. He did this many times, giving life to many incarnations of himself, including Mornelithe Falconsbane and Leareth. In each of these incarnations, Ma'ar was careful to spread his seed far enough that he would not run out of future descendants.

Final death Edit

Ma'ar was destroyed completely during the reign of Queen Selenay, when Firesong chased Falconsbane out of the body of An'desha and into his nether realm Sanctuary, where he rent Ma'ar's spirit limb from limb, destroying him for all time.

In the series Edit

Ma'ar appears in the following works:

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