The Mage Storms series consists of three books: Storm Warning, Storm Rising and Storm Breaking.

Storm Warning Edit


Storm Warning cover

In war-ravaged Valdemar, Queen Selenay struggles to overcome years of hatred, hostility, and superstition to forge an alliance with Valdemar's long-time enemy, the neighboring kingdom of Karse, to combat a mutual enemy from the mysterious Eastern Empire.

Storm Rising Edit


Storm Rising cover

The invasion plans of the powerful, sorcerous Eastern Empire force Valdemar into an uneasy coalition with its traditional enemy, Karse, but the combined forces of the two kingdoms may not be enough to stop the coming holocaust.

Storm Breaking Edit


Storm Breaking cover

In the conclusion of the Mage Storms trilogy, the Western lands try to devise a new system of magic in place of the ancient forces that once threatened them in order to fend off an assault by the Eastern Empire.

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