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This article is for the song. For the novel, see Magic's Price.

A grieving Bard Stefen wrote this song for Herald-Mage Vanyel.



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Every year Companions Choose as they have done before
The Chosen come with shining hearts to learn the Herald's lore
And every year the Heralds sigh and give the same advice
"All those who would hold magic's power must then pay magic's price"

Oh there was danger in the north that’s all that Vanyel knew
An enemy of power dark sought Heralds out and slew
But only those with magic's gift were slain by silent rage
'Til Vanyel of them all was left the only Herald-Mage

Yes from the north the danger came beyond the border far
The forest did not stay dark death nor did the mountains bar
And Vanyel cried "We die my liege, and know not why nor where
So send me north my king that I may find the answers there!”

Then north went Vanyel - not alone though 'twas of little aid
A bard was like to be to him and Stefen was afraid
He feared that he would fail the quest a burden prove to be
Dared not let Vanyel go alone to face dark sorcery

So out beyond the border there beyond the forest tall
Into the mountains deep they went there stood an icy wall
To find the wall had cracked and found there was a passage new
A path clean-cut, that winding ran a level course and true

This path was wrought by mage-craft Vanyel knew that when he saw
The mountains hewn by power alone a power he felt with awe
But to what purpose? Something moved beyond them on the trail
They watched, and hid, and what had they found there turned them cold and pale

An army moved in single file by magic cloaked and hid
An army moved on Valdemar that marched as they were bid
A darker force than weaponry controlled the men and pace
For Vanyel looked, and Vanyel knew an ancient evil’s face

Then Vanyel turned to Stefen and he told the bard to ride
To warn the folk of Valdemar"They call me Magic's Pride!
It's time I earned that name - now go! I'll hold this army back,
Until the arms of Valdemar can counter their attack!"

So Stefen rode, and so it is no living tongue can tell
How Vanyel fought, nor what he wrought nor how the Herald fell
The army came, but not in time to save the Herald-Mage
Although the pass was scorched and cracked by magic power's rage

They fought the dark ones back although they came on wave by wave
No trace they found of Vanyel nor of his Companion brave
They only found the focus-stone the gift of Stefen's hand
Now blackened, burned, and shattered by the power that saved their land

They only found the foemen who into the woods had fled
And each one by unseen, uncanny Powers now lay dead
As if the forest had somehow bestirred itself that day
Had Vanyel with his dying breath commanded trees to slay?

And still the forest of the north guards Valdemar from harm
For Vanyel's dying curse is stronger far than mortal arm
And every year the Chosen come despite the old advice:
"All those who would be Magic's Pride must then pay magic's price"