Marya Bannod comes from a long line of very famous and well-respected tapestry weavers located in the village of Silvergate. She has received increasing notoriety in her craft for developing and drawing her own designs by hand rather than depending solely on old cartoons passed down from previous generations. Abrasive yet very insightful and attuned to details, Marya's most prevalent characteristic aside from her craftwork is her bluntness and gruff demeanor.

Raised by her mother and grandparents, Marya's father was Chosen not long after she was born, essentially abandoning her and her mother, who would eventually die with her lost lover's name on her lips. This abandonment left Marya very resentful toward Heralds and their Companions in general.

At one time Marya was engaged to Danet Stens, who left her to become a con artist, posing as a Herald on circuit. She helped aid Heralds Callan and Sendar to capture him and convince the community of his guilt by relying on her extensive knowledge of dyes and their properties.

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