Mindspeech is a Mind Magic Gift that allows someone to communicate mind to mind. It appears to be one of the most common Gifts among Heralds, allowing most of them to easily communicate with their Companions.

Like most Gifts this one can be inborn with varying degrees of strength, both within and across the intelligent races. Some who possess this gift can mindspeak with animals (see Animal Mindspeech,) or the intelligent non-human races like dyheli, while others can only speak to humans. Some of the non-humans, such as kyree, can only speak in this way. A strong Mindspeaker can link with a Healer, supplying them with additional energy. This is particularly useful in crisis situations where there may be plenty of mindspeaking Heralds, but not enough Healers to go around.

Mindspeech provides more information that regular speech, coloring the speech with memories, emotions and experience that can be felt by the person receiving the mindspeech. It is nearly impossible to lie during mindspeech because of this.

Notable characters with the Mindspeech Gift Edit