The Monarch's Own Herald, usually called the King's Own or Queen's Own, is one Herald specially Chosen by a Grove-Born Companion to be an adviser and trustworthy friend to the ruling monarch. This Herald has authority and duties above other Heralds. Often, they posses the Gift of Empathy, which is useful for diplomacy. The Monarch's Own is also given a seat on the Council in Valdemar, and votes with them.

The Companion to the Monarch's Own Herald is always a Grove-Born stallion, and is considered the leader of the Companions. This Companion has the ability to bond with another Herald if the Monarch's Own dies; as Rolan has Chosen both Talamir and Talia (Arrows of the Queen) and in the Collegium Chronicles was bonded with Nikolas, who was at that time his seventh Chosen Herald (Changes), and later his daughter, Amily (Closer to Home).

The same is true of the Monarch's Own; if his or her Companion dies, it is possible for the Herald to bond to a newly-arrived Grove-Born Companion. This is the case when Talamir's first Companion, Taver, dies during the Tedrel Wars (Exile's Valor).

Also, presumptive Monarch's Own who are also Heralds are only temporarily bonded to their first Companion; though the exact nature of this bonding is not explored (Magic's Promise); that Herald will be "re-Chosen" by the Grove-Born stallion when he or she becomes Monarch's Own.

Notable Monarch's Own HeraldsEdit

Herald Companion Chronology
Nadja Jastev Reign of unknown monarch, died about 372 AF
Juni Jastev Reign of unknown monarch, Chosen about 372 AF
Lancir Taver Reign of Queen Elspeth the Peacemaker, about 750 AF
Shavri Taver Reign of King Randale
Jisa Taver Reign of King Treven (It was noted in Magic's Price that when her mother, Shavri, died, Taver would Choose Jisa to become King's Own)
Gisel Arlen Reign of unknown monarch, about 855 AF
Nikolas Rolan Reign of King Kiril, about 860 AF
Amily Rolan Reign of King Kiril, about 860 AF (daughter of Nikolas)
Jedin Rolan Reign of King Theran, about 1070 AF
Keighvin Taver (Talamir's predecessor)
Talamir Taver & Rolan Reigns of King Sendar and later Queen Selenay, about 1355 AF
Talia Rolan Reign of Queen Selenay, about 1376 AF