Nikolas was originally Chosen by the Grove-born stallion, Rolan, making him King's Own to King Kiril around 860 AF. He also served Kiril as his spymaster, wearing himself thin trying to do both jobs.

After his near-death experience, in which he actually died for a few moments before being revived, his bond to Rolan was severed and Rolan Chose Nikolas' daughter, Amily, as the next King's Own. At the same time, Nikolas was Chosen again by the Companion Evory. This left Nikolas free to devote his time solely to being the king's spymaster. He has been mentoring Mags since he was first Chosen, grooming him to one day succeed Nikolas in the job.

Companion Edit

He was initially Chosen by Rolan, then later Evory, after his bond with Rolan was broken.

Gifts Edit

Mindspeech is one of Nikolas' Gifts.

Internship Edit

Details of Nikolas' internship are unknown. At some point, he was taught by Lord Jorthun to be the new spymaster.

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