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Both the Pelagiris Forest and the Pelagir Hills are part of the Pelagirs region, which stretches from the Dhorisha Plains in the south, up through Rethwellan and Valdemar, past Lake Evendim, to around the Terilee River in the north.

This region was heavily saturated and scarred by magic during the Mage Wars and the subsequent Cataclysm. The land is twisted and strange, the home of moving trees and other magical creatures.

The Tayledras have been slowly cleaning up the magical mess, draining pockets of magical energy and restoring balance to the landscape. They also protect the magical creatures from human incursion, and vice versa. As an area is cleansed, the creatures move farther west, leaving the area safe for human habitation. Once an area is deemed safe, the Tayledras move on as well, farther west into the twisted wilderness.

Much of what is now western Valdemar was once Tayledras land, and signs can be found by those who know where to look. The most extreme example is the active Heartstone the Tayledras left behind to stabilize a fault in Lineas. The Bastion is another such location, having once been a Tayledras Vale, though the Bastion's Heartstone is no longer active.

Tarma and Kethry ventured deep into the Pelagirs when they first Called Warrl to join them:

Tarma had seen plants whose leaves had snapped shut on unwary insects, flowers whose blooms glowed when the moon rose, any thorny vines whose thorns dripped some unnameable liquid. She didn't know if they were hazardous, but she wasn't about to take a chance; not after she saw the bones and skulls of small animals littering the ground beneath a dead tree laden with such vines.

The trees didn't bear thinking about, much. The least odd of them were twisted and deformed as if they'd grown in a place of constant heavy winds. The others...

Well, there was the grove they'd passed of lacy things that sang softly to themselves in childlike voices. And the ones that pulled away from them as they passed, or worse, actually reached out to touch them, feeling them like blind and curious old women. And the sapling that had torn up its roots and shuffled away last night when Tarma thought about how nice a fire would feel...[1]

In the series[]

Many events occur in the Pelagirs throughout the books and anthologies. Some examples:


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