Rolan is one of the few Grove-born Companions that always bond with the Monarch's Own.

King's Own Nikolas described Rolan as "something special." He has the farthest reach of Mindspeech of any of the Companions. Rolan is able to speak with Gwena on a daily basis while she and Elspeth are down south in the Tayledras vales. In addition, he is especially fertile; all his couplings result in foals, much to the chagrin of Skif and his Companion, Cymry.

Although he cannot Mindspeak with Talia because her Gift is Empathy, they have an exceptionally strong bond. He is always in the back of her mind. Just by thinking of him, Talia knows what he is feeling and can see through Rolan's eyes. Even when she was shielded and locked in a mage cell in Ancar's dungeon, Talia could sense Rolan all the way until he reached the royal camp at the Valdemar/Hardorn border.

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  1. Rolan was Talamir's Companion only during Selenay's reign. He replaced the Grove-born Taver, who was killed on the battlefield moments before King Sendar.

2. Although Rolan came into being as a result of Tavers demise during the reign of Sendar he is present as the Kings Own Companion during the Collegium Chronicles set within the Reign of Kyril. This occurs more than 500 years before his first emergence from the Grove and may be a chronological error. The companion theoretically would have been Taver or some previous unknown incarnation of the Kings/Queens Own Companion. One possible explanation offers that Rolan and Taver take turns at life; when one passes away the other emerges from the grove and they are the only 2 possible Kings Own companions.

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