Talamir was the Monarch's Own first for King Sendar, and then Queen Selenay. Talamir was one of the two Heralds that the Companion Kantor took the newly Chosen and badly burned Alberich to after their escape from Karse. After Alberich healed from his injuries, Talamir introduced him to the less civil neighborhoods of Haven, and Alberich took over Dethor's spying.

During the last battle against the Tedrels, Talamir lost his Companion, Taver, to a Tedrel axe. He would have died himself, but the Healers wouldn't let him, and he bonded anew with Rolan. While Talamir recovered from his near death, Alberich stood in for him as Queen's Own. After he recovered, Talamir was often said to be in two different worlds, the here and now and the spirit world. He would often look as if he was listening, waiting to be called.

Talamir and Selenay had a hard time confiding in each other due to their separate genders and vast age differences. As a result, Selenay did not consult him about Prince Karathanelan and made a disastrous marriage that almost ended in her death. Later, when the Heraldic Circle feared that Princess Elspeth would never be Chosen, Talamir agreed to convince some distant relatives of his to foster her in an attempt to mold her into a better person. Before he could put his plans in motion, however, Talamir was poisoned.

Talamir was the grandfather of the Chosen twins Keren and Teren and came from the Lake Evendim district.

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