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Tervardi are more colourful than this... but this is the closest likeness I could find.

Tervardi are one of the five non-human sentient races created by Urtho. The Sorcerer-Adept began with a breed of giant songbird, slowly molding it into what is now known as the tervardi.

Also called "bird-people," they have stiff lips that vaguely resemble shortened beaks, and small vestigial feathers on their arms. They are fantastic singers and are especially noted for their amazing trills. They were once traded as slaves because of their unique and enchanting voices, but the slave trade has stopped since they came under the protection of the Tayledras.

The Tayledras modeled their ekeles on the highly defensible treetop homes in which the Tervardi live.

It is mentioned in one of the novels that the tervardi are not useful for physical offensive action due to their fragile birdlike physiology.

Tervardi are found both among the Tayledras and as members of Clan k'Leshya.