In an older time, before the Karse priesthood became corrupted, a mysterious cat moves in with a village priest.

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Reulan, the village priest of Sweetwater, Karse, finished the sunset service in the village chapel and stepped into his room in back. Settling in to dinner, he discovered a large, cream-colored tabby cat watching him from the other chair. He gave the cat part of his sausage, then pushed it out the door for the night. Over the course of the next several days, he gave up trying to find the owner of the cat and accepted that he had been adopted.

On his way to his favorite meditation spot one afternoon, he nearly stepped on a deadly venomous snake. Only the timely, if startling, warning from his cat saved him. That was when Reulan discovered his cat was named Khar, and that Khar was intelligent and Gifted with Mindspeech. Khar then proceeded to convince Reulan he should make his once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to the Summer Solstice service at the central cathedral in Sunhame, Karse's capital. As the former high priest, the Son of the Sun, had recently died, Reulan hoped to see a new high priest crowned at the service.

Reulan set out walking down the road to Sunhame the following day, with Khar at his side. Over the course of the four day journey, they stopped for the night at the village chapels, whose priests were all friends of Reulan's. Each one commented on the size and strangeness of Khar, who Reulan eventually realized was growing and losing his tabby markings.

On the fourth day the pair arrived in Sunhame. As they walked through the city towards the cathedral in the city center, the crowds moved out of their way, the people stopping to stare at Khar. The cat was still growing, coming up to mid-thigh on Reulan by the time they reached the cathedral plaza. The crowds drew back until Reulan and Kahr were left standing alone before a line of Karse's most senior Sunpriests.

Looking down, Reulan was startled to see his familiar cat had grown and changed until it was obvious to see he was a Firecat who had been disguising himself to pass unnoticed. The priests approached Reulan, took his pack and draped a heavy gold and gem-encrusted cloak around his shoulders. One of the oldest priests announced to the crowd that Vkandis had made his choice. He then crowned Reulan, acknowledging him as the Son of the Sun, and the central authority in Karse. Reulan was filled with light and warmth as Vkandis expressed his amusement at Reulan's protests that he was only a simple country priest.

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