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This series, according to the official timeline and sequence of events by Valdemar reckoning, takes place sometime shortly after 850 AF and during the building of all three Circles' collegia which include Bardic, Healer's and Herald's. The primary tension is caused by this shift in the instruction of Herald Trainees from one-on-one mentoring to classroom instruction. This was caused by an incredible increase in new Herald Trainees being Chosen and not enough current Heralds to train them as well as tend to the duties of the realm. It is noted in this series as it has been in others that an increased influx of newly Chosen usually suggests an increased need for them in the coming future. Emphasis in the first volume of the series is placed on the interdisciplinary relationship and effectiveness of the three collegia.

Major Characters[]


Publication history[]

  • Foundation, volume 1, first printing October 2008
  • Intrigues, volume 2, first printing October 2010
  • Changes, volume 3, first printing October 2011
  • Redoubt, volume 4, released October 2nd, 2012
  • Bastion, volume 5, published Oct 2013

Series position[]

The events of the Collegium Chronicles series occur after The Last Herald-Mage series and are followed by the Herald Spy series. See Books by chronological order and Books by series.

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