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This article is for the healer. For the short story, see Vixen.

Vixen is a Healer who rides circuit along the edges of the Pelagirs. She shares the circuit with Herald-Mage Vanyel, who she initially avoided, before teaming up with him.

Vixen is a native of the area, born in raised in Hartrise, one of the region's larger villages. Her parents' fondest wish was for Vixen, whose childhood name was Rosie, to be Chosen by a Companion. Every time a Companion came through the village, they would force her into her best outfit, and hurry her out to the road where the Companion was passing. Her inability to be Chosen, lead to her being ostracized and teased by the other village children.

Turning to food for comfort, a teenaged Vixen became very overweight, leading to even more teasing. Eventually, she packed a basket and ran away in the night. Coming to a House of Healing overrun by victims of an avalanche in nearby Stonetree, Vixen pitched in. Her Healing Gift was immediately discovered, and put to good use. The incredible amount of personal energy she burned in that crisis used up her extra fat stores, returning her to a normal weight.

Vixen remained at the House of Healing until she was fully trained. Then she began riding circuit through the region, stopping in each hamlet too small to have its own Healer. Legendary for her sharp tongue and her inability to tolerate fools at all, "Ruby," as she was then known, began to be referred to as "that Healer-vixen." The name stuck. Vixen was just as glad to take the new name, and leave her past entirely behind.

In addition to Healing, Vixen also possesses the Gift of Animal Mindspeech. Though she most frequently uses it to ensure the comfort of her horse, Brownie, Vanyel persuaded her to allow him to train her further in the use of her Gift. Those lessons came in very handy when she was captured by bandits. Vixen used the local wildlife to lead a contingent of Guardsmen to the bandit camp, while also warning them as to the size of the group.

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