The Weaponsmaster is a special Herald assigned to the Collegium specifically to teach Heralds in the ways of combat. They train the Trainees and full Heralds alike. The Weaponsmaster is often very harsh and unforgiving, usually giving the Heralds bruises and lectures so as to drive the lessons home. Weaponsmaster Heralds do not ride circuits like other Heralds. The Weaponsmaster by law outranks, within the four walls of the salle and on its grounds, every man, woman, and child in Valdemar save only the Monarch. And within those four walls, the Monarch is his equal, not his superior.

The Weaponsmaster's Second is a title that is sometimes used to refer to the Weaponsmaster's main assistant, who is usually being groomed to take over when the Weaponsmaster retires.

Notable Weaponsmasters Edit